A Fall staple will have to be put on hold this year, as Terripin Farms cancels Fall Fest.

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According to our friends at KHQA they reported that Terripin Farms will officially cancel their 2020 Fall Fest. In an article posted on KHQA.com they note that COVID-19 is the main factor for cancelling the Fall Fest.

But Terripin Farms and their incredible farm stand are still open and running, the employees encourage you to still come by and shop for flowers, pumpkins and other fall goodies. Just this past weekend Terripin Farms held a Pumpkin and Mums event, and I am sure that wont be the last of the smaller events Terripin Farms will hold this fall. If you want to learn more about Terripin Farms, like there hours, location, and what they have to offer check Terripin Farms on their Facebook page by clicking here!

It has got to be hard on a lot of these small businesses here on the Illinois side of the river, this is a time of the year where they should be able to hold events and make money that will help get them through the winter. So it is still important to try and support local as much as you can throughout the fall season. And on the Missouri side of the river there are still plenty of fall and Halloween events happening due to the different COVID-19 restrictions in place in the different states. If you know of a local farm or business that is doing something different this fall due to coronavirus let us know so we can help spread the word!


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