On Friday, February 8, The Quincy Exchange Club of Quincy made a special presentation to Kelsey Celek and the Quincy Community Theatre "Student Outreach" program. Ms. Celek was asked to speak to the club about the work she does at Q.C.T. and when she was finished with her remarks, the club surprised her with a donation of $5,000 for the program. She was presented the check from Exchange Club member Bill Stalder.

The Quincy Exchange Club has a long history of supporting area youth programs along with Americanism, child abuse prevention, programs for veterans, deaf and hard of hearing programs, and many others. The club also recognizes the importance of arts education in our schools and is thrilled to support the work of Ms. Celek and the entire Q.C.T. staff.

Upon receiving the check, Ms. Celek remarked, “this could help expand the program to two more grade levels!” No matter how the money is spent, The Exchange Club of Quincy is proud to support the theatre and the more than 10,000 students served by the outreach program each year.

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