One of my favorite projects of each year is to be a part of the annual Teddy Bear Clinic where children stop by Blessing Riemann College of Nursing and interact with the student nurses and faculty to learn health and safety tips.  Today's scheduled Clinic is an event I started 32 years ago in Quincy and is still going strong. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the personal interaction between the kids and the student nurses will have to be done virtually this year.

According to Jenna Crabtree, the Dean of Enrollment Management at Blessing Riemann College of Nursing, the plan for today's event is to have the students pre-record their skits that they would typically talk to the children about at each station, and have those listed on their website.  There will also be a “Bear Hunt” to explore health and safety along the way. That website is: The College will also have printable activity sheets and the certificate available for the children as well.  So head to the website!

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I would like to personally thank those who have attended over the past 31 years.  I would also like to thank those students and faculty members who have continued this tradition of teaching children how to overcome their fears of dealing with Doctors, Nurses and the Hospital personnel they may encounter during their youthful years. Somehow getting a shot doesn’t hurt so much after they have seen their own Teddy Bear get one.

Thanks to Blessing Rieman College of Nursing for their continued support!


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