This may be your dream job, but count me out. If you love old horror movies than this is one job you don't want to miss out on.

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All you have to do is sign up, watch a horror movie festival, and get paid $1,000. and will pay you to watch to all night movie marathon. There is no word on what the movies are, but if you can make if 24-hours (whether the movies are good or bad) you get a grand in your pocket.

The ideal person and are looking is described as:

The sick-cessful candidate is a self-starter with an insatiable lust for nightmare fuel. When others say “Nope,” you say, “Hell, yeah.” You can stay up all night. You’re a US citizen over the age of 18. Most importantly, you’re a big horror fan—‘cause we don’t hire posers (not even as interns). You should prefer cult films to blockbusters and probably read Rue Morgue and to learn about upcoming fright films.

If this is a perfect description of you then you can sign up here to have a chance on being a part of the movie marathon. You will need to clear 24-hours on your calendar, and settle in for movies that will run 90 - 120 minutes ling. 

Not only will you get cash in your hand, but also a $50 Starbucks gift card, and candy cause why not. I'm not a huge horror movies, to be honest I can't stand them so this is not for me, but I know a ton of people that would jump on this in a heartbeat.

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