I can’t prove this scientifically. But, I believe Dennis Oliver is the best radio personality that has ever been on-the-air in the Tri-States. More important than that, he also happens to be an even better friend.
If you will allow me, I’d love to share some memories of Dennis. I first met Dennis Oliver when I joined 99Q to do the afternoon show back in the summer of 1987. But, I first heard him on the air way back in 1981/82. I would play tennis on the old tennis courts that used to be adjacent to the Hannibal City Swimming Pool. The swimming pool had these huge speakers and had KQ102 playing frequently. More often than not, Dennis was on-the-air when I was out there.

I remember how much fun he seemed like he was having. Most radio guys in that day were very “formal” in their presentation. Dennis and his cohorts on KQ102 were wild and fun. That was my first exposure to D.O.

When I joined 99Q, it was THE station in the Tri-States. I was very intimated to join jocks like Dennis, Reggie, Jeff and Liz. To me, they were all superstars and they still are. But, they welcomed me and made me feel right at home. And, Dennis…well, he made me feel like he was a brother from a different mother. He was (is) the most down-to-Earth person you could possibly imagine.
A few years later, I went off and chased a different radio job. Unfortunately, I did that a lot. Dennis was a mainstay on the radio there. When he eventually left 99Q, he stayed in Quincy/Hannibal and became the morning man on KRRR (then classic rock). I joined Dennis again and did morning news for him along with scaring people in the afternoons with my own ranting. We had so much fun it probably broke several city ordinances. Let me apologize now to the Hannibal City Council for all the llamas in lingerie. I am really sorry.

On New Year’s Day of 1995, the radio boss decided to change our format from classic rock to Top 40. You haven’t lived until you go from playing AC/DC to The Backstreet Boys. Dennis was again the morning guy for what would be called Y101. I was the afternoon guy that first year and again, we had a ball.

I could go on and on with radio stories, but the important thing you need to know about Dennis Oliver is that he’s an even better friend than he is a radio personality. And, that’s really saying something. The Dennis you have heard on Y101 is the same Dennis you can easily walk up and talk to when you see him around the area. No one I’ve ever met is as kind and genuine as Dennis Oliver.

I love Dennis like a brother. Radio will never be the same without him. And, in my opinion, there’s never been anyone better on the radio in Quincy. Dennis Oliver is truly one-of-a-kind as a radio personality and, even more importantly, as a friend.

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