It is that time again for my High School "Class Reunion". I think most people enjoy their class reunions, but I am on the fence with mine. It was established many moons ago that my class would gather every five years so we can reminisce about the "good 'ol times" wandering the halls of school. But for me I had two schools I went to.

I moved between my junior and senior years so when I graduated from Grandview High School in Missouri, I was only there for some 8 months. Not a long time period to reminisce about.

The school I left, and attended the longest in Upstate New York, was Rome Free Academy High School (Public School) which was dominated by Air Force families from nearby Griffiss Air Force Base (which no longer exists).  Most of those graduates relocated to other parts of the world.

So my dilemma? Go to the reunion at the school I graduated from or the school I went to the longest with fewer classmates around.  I chose Grandview's. I did this about 25 years ago and it is still the only class reunion I have ever gone to. No one that night remembered me even being in their class (what an impression I must have made?) It was funny because I seemed to remember almost everyone who showed up that night.

Oh well, I learned my lesson about class reunions (at least for me). So now as the years have gone by, I have reached the point where they are now combining classes for upcoming reunions. That stings worse than not being remembered!

So I ask the question, do you like attending class reunions or not? I think you know my answer!

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