"There is no doubt in my mind that we already have a cure for cancer".  That was the comment I overheard during lunch the other day at a local restaurant. I have heard this comment before and it does instigate conversation. For argument sake, lets just say there is a cure for cancer already out there. If so, why not reveal it? Well, I can think of one big reason not to announce it.  The root of all evil...money.

Imagine what a cure would bring besides elation from those suffering from Cancer. Hospitals and Clinics would close.  Doctors would be looking for jobs. Pharmaceutical companies and research companies would go out of business and Insurance rates might even go down. The stock market would plummet. Those are just a few ramifications from an announced cancer cure.

With that said, if there really is a cure out there and those aware of a cure have refused to reveal it, the public outrage would be monumental. Frankly, if I was a researcher and found the cure for cancer or any other disease, I couldn't wait to let the world know it. Perhaps I am a little naive, but I still give mankind the benefit of the doubt that the researchers would do the right thing.

The cure for cancer may still be out there, and as much as I wish I was wrong, I don't think it is here yet!

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