Chocolates, flowers, and brunch are always nice gift. But maybe try a little something different for Mother's Day this year. Here are a few ideas...

1) Go Mini-Golfing

The weather is going to be absolutely perfect on Sunday for a game (or two) of mini golf. There are now two courses in Quincy to try out: Scotties Fun Spot and Upper Moorman Park. This is a fun activity for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Christa Brunt
Christa Brunt

2) Treat Mom to a Shopping Day

As a mom, I am consistently buying clothes for my girls. So I would love it if someone would take me shopping and treat me for a day. It also gives moms a chance to have a fun day out with family.

Denis Raev

3) Cook Mom Dinner

Mom is always cooking, so why not give her a day off! With the weather so nice this weekend, head out and have a picnic or fire up the grill. Treat mom like the Queen she is for a day.

Jochen Sand

4) Go Pedal-Boating

Take a ride on the pedal boats in Upper Moorman Park. It's a unique way to have a good time and not spend a lot of money.

Moorman Lake

If none of these ideas are up your alley, there are plenty of Mother's Day brunches available in our area (or take your mom out for a drink!) Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather. Make sure mom has a great day. Whatever you have planned I am sure mom will love it.


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