Quincy Community Theatre is getting ready for their next big production, Mamma Mia! If you've ever wanted to get a behind-the-scene look on how a production is put together here is your chance.

Discovery Night for Quincy Community Theatre will be July 9th starting at 6 pm, and it's FREE to attend.  Head of Education Kelsey Celek will guide you through the process of how the play is designed, choreographed and rehearsed. She will discuss the story with the staff, you will be able to see costumes and set pieces, and what it takes to make a production come to life at QCT.

This is a wonderful experience to see how the production process comes together from lighting to dancing and singing. It will make you appreciate the hard work everyone puts in, just to make one production a magical one.

Visitors will also be treated to watch a portion of the show that evening at a closed rehearsal. Admission is free, and space is limited. Please contact the box office at qct@1qct.org or call 217-222-3209 (option 1) to register your party.

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