One of the most cruel killers in American history is now connected to unsolved murders in Missouri. The self-named 'BTK Killer' Dennis Rader is being investigated for several previously unsolved crimes that now include the Show Me State.

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I first saw this story reported by AOL. It's based on a statement by the Osage County Sheriff’s Department that say Dennis Rader (aka the "BTK Killer") is "100% certain" the prime suspect of the disappearance of a girl in Oklahoma "and several other murders in Kansas and Missouri" according to a report by KOCO. This is the result of a new investigation of his home in Kansas where evidence allegedly pointed to his involvement in at least one Missouri murder.

Who is Dennis Rader and how did he get the name "BTK Killer"?

As Wikipedia documents, Dennis was charged with and he eventually confessed to 10 murders. While he is said to have described how he killed the 10 women in detail, he made no apologies.

Dennis Rader gave himself the nickname of "BTK Killer" with the abbreviation standing for "bind, torture, kill".

Wikipedia confirms the connection to Missouri cases saying the following:

On August 23, 2023, the Associated Press reported that Rader was now considered the prime suspect in two further killings in Oklahoma and Missouri.

Investigators say that Dennis Rader would see a woman walking down the street and determine that "she's next".

The reports say that this is an ongoing investigation and there are likely to be new developments as they uncover new information. As of this writing, all that is known for sure is that once again Dennis Rader is a prime suspect for murder that has now reached into Missouri.

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