I'm back! Kind of. Hello from quarantine week 3!

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Here's the deal. Covid struck the Deien house. Hard. Of the six people in our house, five contracted covid. Somehow, I was the exception. Apparently I have a hardier constitution than the rest of my family or I have better hygiene habits.

Here is our first-hand covid story...

It started with Emma, our Mizzou freshman. She is one of 1300-plus students at the University of Missouri-Columbia to contract the virus. She passed it on to her two sisters who are also at Mizzou. And they shared the virus with my husband Rich and our 11-year-old daughter Audrey. Everyone came home and hunkered down here. It doesn't matter how old you are, when you're sick, you want your mom.

Covid is the most unpredictable virus. You hear so much about the symptoms. Everyone associates it with a fever. No one in this house ever ran a temperature. And no two cases here were like another. Audrey basically had a day or two of allergy-like symptoms. Hannah's was like a mild cold. Grace's was like a typical cold. Emma had flu-like symptoms. Rich got slammed the hardest with all those classic symptoms, where he couldn't walk from the bed to the couch without stopping to catch his breath. He would sleep 22 hours of the day. He alarmed me enough that I took him to the ER over the Labor Day weekend.

I'm hoping that maybe I was one of those asymptomatic cases and I have covid behind me; however, I don't know that, so my quarantine continues. Even though the rest of my family is back to work and school, I was exposed and I could still be incubating the virus so my quarantine lasts the entire month of September.

I've missed work. I've missed my mornings with the Big Dog. I'm set up now so I can broadcast the show from home, in the comfort of my pajamas at the dining room table. And really, who uses the dining room anyway? Just as well put it to use.

It's great to be back. Tomorrow, I'll share some of the lessons learned in our family's personal experience of Covid-19.

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