It was announced that 250 Victoria's Secret stores are set to close, and Quincy's location is on the list of possible closures.

According to, 36 stores are purposed to close in Illinois, and the Quincy Mall location is on the list. If closings will happen it will take place over the next few months..

Victoria's Secret, is known for their pink brand and popular women's lingerie. L. Brands which owns Victoria’s Secret said in a press release,

 "remains committed to establishing Bath & Body Works as a pure-play public company and is taking the necessary steps to prepare the Victoria's Secret Lingerie, Victoria's Secret Beauty and PINK businesses to operate as a separate, standalone company."

There are a few Bath & Body works stores also set to close, however there is no indication that the Quincy Mall location will close. The location list for that brand has not been released yet.

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