It's human nature that people love compliments. Nothing builds the self esteem more than a nice "well done" from someone. If you're complimenting someone from Illinois, however, you need to compliment them on one specific thing which a new study says they appreciate the most.

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The website Preply recently shared this interesting survey which shows how each state deals with compliments including how they give them and receive them. The findings about Illinois people are interesting as it reveals the Land of Lincoln is unique compared to most of the other places in America.

This fun map reveals what each state likes to be complimented on the most. The legend for this shows that handshakes are for being complimented on kindness while the one for Illinois is...different.

Infographic, Preply
Infographic, Preply

It makes perfect sense when you think about Illinois loving compliments about being funny. Considering the fact that Chicago is home to the famous Second City where many legendary comedians like Chris Farley got their start, you understand why humor is a big thing for Illinoisans.

Missouri is one of the many states where compliments about kindness mean the most. One question remains my Texas friends really think I'm going to find them intellectual? Asking for a friend (literally).

Before you give a compliment, make sure to check out Preply's fun rundown of what your specific friend wants to hear first.

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