When last we left the heroes and anti-heroes of Cobra Kai (spoilers ahead!), eternal enemies Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence had done the unthinkable: Decided to team up. The two former rivals agreed to put aside their seemingly intractable differences in order to defeat a common enemy: Cobra Kai, now under the control of the sadistic John Kreese.

That was the juicy cliffhanger that concluded Season 3 of Cobra Kai when it debuted right around New Year’s Day on Netflix. We don’t know where the story goes next — but we do know that production on that story has begun. The show’s Twitter account shared a picture announcing that “Season 4 is officially underway.”

You’ll note all three logos for each of the show’s karate dojos in the background of the image: Cobra Kai on the right, Daniel’s Miyagi-Do in the middle, and Johnny’s Eagle Fang Karate, which he started after losing control of Cobra Kai to that dastardly, manipulative Kreese (So dastardly! So manipulative!) on the left. As the show went into production on Season 4, it also made two recurring characters full-time members of the cast. Vanessa Rubio, who plays Miguel’s mother (and Johnny’s sometime love interest) Carmen, and Peyton List (Tory, Cobra Kai’s toughest female member) both received promotions to full series regulars.

The return date for Cobra Kai on Netflix hasn’t been announced, but with production officially underway, it can’t be too much longer.

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