The Quincy Public Library will again be the site this Tuesday for yet another meeting to discuss Quincy's garbage, recycling and yard waste collections. An hour long meeting on November 15 regarding this topic left many people unhappy with the options presented. Tuesday's meeting is being put on by the League of Women Voters.

The City of Quincy spends $1.6 million on their garbage collection annually and most of that cost comes from the sale of garbage stickers which cost 75-cents.  One option is to raise the cost of those stickers to $1.

Another option discussed was an offer from  an outside contractor to collect garbage from 95-gallon totes. That cost would be $10.25 per month with potential increases each year.

As far as the waste collection is concerned, there were no bidders to be considered. The recycling collection did have one bidder but it was higher that what the city now pays which is about a half-a-million dollars annually.

Tuesday's meeting will begin at 5:30 and all Quincy citizens are welcomed to attend.


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