Daycare will be available for those considered essential employees deemed by the Illinois Governor.

The YMCA has been working with West Central Child Car Connection and Emergency Childcare Services for people who are essential workers and need to be at work, but need child care to do so. Jim Chamberlain, CEO of the YMCA stated,

“This is a critical community need right now, and we need to make sure the doctors, nurses, emergency responders, and all employees of essential services have safe and dependable care for their children so they can, in turn, focus on serving our community through this crisis,”

There are some limitations, there can only be ten children per room, once a child is placed in a group they will remain in that group every day, and a rule preventing the use of any shared spaces. This is to limit sickness for both the children, and the child care workers.

“While shelter-in-place is the best and safest strategy for families, we realize that option isn’t available for everyone, and that’s who this service is for,” said Marla Willard, Executive Director of WCCCC.

Financial assistance is available for those who need it, and If you have interest in helping with this effort, or if you are a parent and want to be included in updates as they come, please contact the YMCA at

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