I challenge you to find a community that will have 5 new elementary schools up and running within two years like the Quincy school District is doing. Opening one school must be quite an undertaking but to open 5 in two years?  The complexity of moving from one school to another, the re-routing of students and teachers and the re-designing of bus routes to transport those students for 5 schools makes for quite a challenge.

Speaking of a challenge, I thought we could have some fun on this Friday and see just how well you know your new public elementary schools in Quincy.  Let's see how well you do in matching the school location with it's new name. The answers are listed below (don't peek).  Good luck!

The new school names are:

1. Dr. Abbey Fox Rooney Elementary

2. Colonel George Iles Elementary

3. Lincoln-Douglas Elementary

4. Sarah Atwater Denman Elementary

5. Thomas Baldwin Elementary

The new school locations are::

A. 41st & Harrison Street

B. 48th & Columbus Road

C. 30th & Maine

D. 3111 North 12th Street

E. 3322 Payson Road

ANSWERS: 1-B,  2-D,  3-E, 4-A, 5-C

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