The collected works of The Holy Spearit might soon be showcased in a Broadway spectacular.

Larry Rudolph, Britney's longtime manager, is reportedly "in talks" with Broadway theater director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots, On Your Feet!) about turning the Glory pop icon's discography into "a full-fledged theater production," according to a Forbes interview.

“It would NOT be autobiographical,” Mitchell said, insisting the songs would be used to form "a fictional narrative, like Mamma Mia!" instead. (Or, gulp, the Spice Girls' ill-fated Viva Forever.)

And while Mitchell confirmed the conversation taking place, Forbes adds that no concrete plans have been made just yet: "Rudolph and Mitchell are still mulling over the idea, and no timeline has been announced."

Britney's Las Vegas residency, Piece Of Me, wraps up at the end of December this year, leaving the "Man on the Moon" entertainer with plenty of time to plot another global tour, record an album (dream big), take selfies at the gym, post inspirational memes — or perhaps even invest in a few playwriting classes. But could a Broadwayney moment actually work? Hey, they did do that whole Glee episode dedicated to B-Girl, after all.

Imagine: the suspenseful act one finale of "If U Seek Amy," or the drama of "Dear Diary" as performed by Sunset Boulevard stage star Glenn Close.

See you at the 2021 Tony Awards, bitch.

Britney Spears Through the Years:

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