Bret Michaels has been a musical force for 40 years and 2024 looks to be one of his busiest years yet as he's about to embark on a tour with some very famous friends and also looks down the road at what Poison has planned in the distant future.

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I have been fortunate to know Bret Michaels for years now and he was kind enough to allow me some of his time today to talk about Parti-Gras 2.0 which launches this summer and also revealed some secret Poison things he, Rikki, Bobby and CC are working on.

My first encounter with Bret Michaels and Poison was on the Hannibal, Missouri riverfront during the summer of 1987 when they and Ratt came to town. Fast forward to 2024 and he's not slowing down as he's about to take Don Felder of The Eagles, Lou Gramm formerly of Foreigner and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on the road with him plus his country music buddy Chris Janson.

Bret Michaels - "I gotta thank the fans...I call them family now...this evening is meant to be nothing but a good time. We've got my good friend Don Felder of The Eagles, one of the writers of "Hotel California" playing all the Eagles hits...then we segue right into country sensation and my good buddy, Chris Janson...we just did CMT Crossroads together...we're gonna do a dueling harmonica solo on the Poison remake "Your mama don't dance"...we are just busting it out with Poison hits then we segue into Lou Gramm who's know nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...then Dee Snider of Twisted Sister...then everyone joins us on stage at the end of the night".

All the years I've known Bret Michaels, I can testify that those who serve or have served our country are near and dear to his heart and they play a prominent part of his shows now.

Bret Michaels - "I am the son of a veteran. My entire family serves...a lot of the crew that works with me are veterans or former veterans. My cousin Bobby, two Purple Hearts, serves with us..."

Bret also revealed that there are Poison plans in the works.

Bret Michaels - "The answer to that is absolutely yes. We're looking for a great...possibly 2025...our last show together...all original...CC, Rikki and Bobby...we want to do something like that again in 2025 or 2026".

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