I don't mean to question what I've just come across, but I will admit that I'm surprised to hear pretty much any hotel in Missouri referred to as "one of the best in the world". That's exactly what's happened to a scenic place to stay in Branson.

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I will confess that Only In Your State could qualify as 'travel experts' as they declare at the top of this article. When all you do is write content about places, you likely need to know a lot about places. That being said, this new article is high praise for a Missouri hotel. They refer to Chateau On the Lake in Branson, Missouri as "one of the best hotels in the entire world'. Not just the world, but the "entire" world.

This drone video does prove that it is a majestic looking place.

I think the one thing that holds me back from considering places in Branson as some of "the best in the entire world" is it's just so...Branson-ish. I don't mean that as a bad thing. My family has vacationed there many times in my life. It's just not very sophisticated which is what I would think jetsetters would demand. For example, the Aquarium at the Boardwalk has an octopus on top of it.

That's not a bad thing, but I doubt someone who is considering an elegant stay in Paris would consider this instead. For someone like me and my family, it's epic. For "the entire world", probably not so much. But, hey, it's a nice national shout out which is cool.

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