It was hot that Saturday morning. Almost hot enough to sweat a fellow through to his suit vest! It was the first day of the 2nd annual Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal. Since I had arrived in the morning, I got to browse through the various arts and crafts booths as well as food vendors throughout the Historic Downtown Main Street Area.

I had seen and photographed basically all there was at that point. Then it hit me; people want to know more about this festival and the people who make it so unique! So I delved back into the sea of festival-goers to highlight some of the more "out there" and interesting vendors and learn more about what went into making their wares.

I got to meet Ken and Cindy Taylor who run Steampunk Your Trunk, a business in Hannibal, and got to learn about what went into making some of their more interesting bits. Then, I had the privilege of witnessing the deftly maneuvering hands of Simon, an ameteur slight-of-hand performer who was quite the showman! Talking to Shelly Carr with Carr Creations from Keokuk, I got to find out the theatrical history behind her and her husband's very intricate wares. I even walked away with an awesome souvenir!

To see my whole experience, check out this video below!

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