Make special "game day themed" drinks for you and your guests to enjoy the big game!

Ok let me start this buy assuring you of two main things, number one I am not a bartender so none of the drink mixes that I am about to show you are mine, BUT number two...I LOVE themed drinks. So if you're planning to have a get together to watch the Big Game on Sunday, and you're planning on having an adult beverage or two, here are some ideas to have some fun with!

Patrick Mahomes Mule: Just make a standard Moscow mule and garnish it with with a little extra flair, for one of my favorite Moscow Mule recipes click here! 

"Old Fashioned" Tom Brady Bourbon: The man is pushing back father time and playing young but Tom is "OLD" by football standards at 43, so here is my favorite "Old Fashioned" recipe, says to use Maker's Mark (that's what I use) you can use whatever bourbon you prefer, click here!

Gronk "Spiked" Strawberry Lemonade: Rob Gronkowski's famous "Gronk Spike" Touchdown celebration can be turned into a refreshing Vodka spiked strawberry lemonade, for the recipe click here! This is also an option that you can no NON alcoholic for the non drinkers or kids.

The "Super" Bowl of Punch: Here is a list of 20 different punches for you to look through and find one that would fit the type of alcohol you and your guests might enjoy, click here! Just put it in a big bowl and call it the "Super" Bowl punch!

However you plan on celebrating the Big Game, please never drink and drive, and always drink responsibly!

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