Learn how to be a Storm Spotter and help save lives in the Tri-States.

Early detection of severe weather is crucial in saving lives, and keeping people safe during storms. With storm season just around the corner you can take a "Storm Spotter Training" class in Quincy. Our friends at KHQA have teamed up with Adams County Emergency Management and John Wood Community College to host this class, on the events Facebook page they say...

"National Weather Service will present the Basic Storm Spotters course at John Wood Community College auditorium. Doors open at 5:30. Learn how to recognize severe weather and accurately report to local authorities and the National Weather Service."

Such a valuable class for people to take to educate themselves on how to spot severe weather. This event is all happening Monday, March 2nd at JWCC at 6:30 pm, If you have the chance check it out, for more information on the event click here!

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