A full on remodel is taking place at the B&B Theatre in Hannibal, and these are some pretty cool upgrades. Two words...heated seats!

The company announced on their Facebook page, that a full-scale remodel of their eight screen theater in Hannibal began yesterday. Don't worry, the theatre will remain open while the remodeling is taking place.

So what can movie-goers expect? The stadium seating will be replaced with wide, electric, heated recliners, which will provide a more comfortable movie experience. Who doesn't love to be able to get nice and comfy in a seat, especially during those long three plus hour movies. My butt still hurts from watching Avengers: End Game.

There are more features coming to B&B Theatre, but those will be announced at a later date. To get more updates on the remodel check out bbtheatres.com, the company anticipates the remodel could take up to eight weeks.

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