The long running Christmas tradition of Avenue of Lights will not be held this holiday season. That was the word from co-owner John Groves who made the announcement this morning. "Due  to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to have Avenue of Lights this year," said Groves in an interview with Y101 radio.

The event was scheduled to be held from Thanksgiving night through New Year Day evening. It was hoped that the addition of a partnership with the Quincy Exchange Club this year would be enough to enable this event to continue. But according to Groves, there were just too many extenuating circumstances that made this year's event impossible.

"One of our downfalls is that over the year's we've created a colossal project at the park," said Groves. "A lot of displays, we always tried to be cutting edge, many of them were complicated and it took a lot of time each year to get those displays up. We had to have almost perfect conditions. We're limited to that time after Tin Dusters and before Thanksgiving. We have to have perfect weather, perfect labor, everything has to come together. This year it just didn't gel the way it needed to and we found that we were way behind the calendar, and at the rate we were progressing we were not going to be putting on a good show, as people have come to expect."

This would have been the 17th year for the Avenue of lights which had a record 14,250 cars go through the display last year. The future of The Avenue of Lights is unknown at this time.

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