Don't get me wrong I LOVE Auntie Anne's and I love chocolate covered pretzels, but these new pretzel nuggets are just a little out there for my liking.

Back in June, Auntie Anne's asked their customers which new pretzel flavor they would like added to the menu. Some of the top winners were caramel apple, crème brûlée, red velvet cheesecake, and cookies and cream. But after all the votes were tallied, birthday cake nuggets reigned number one.

Starting October 22, you will be able to purchase the birthday cake nuggets for a limited time. So what exactly makes them birthday cake nuggets? The pretzel nuggets come dusted with vanilla, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and topped with sprinkles. I just don't think chocolate syrup and pretzels go together, but heck don't knock it until you try it...right?

I just can't believe that birthday cake beat out those other flavors, but the people have spoken. I will try some just to try them, but maybe they can have some of those other flavors on deck too. Caramel apple sounds REALLY good!

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