Is there a certain age a child should get a cell phone? The conversation came up the other day when my seven-year-old told me she wants a phone for her birthday. It got me thinking, how young is TOO young when it comes to getting your child's first phone?

I guess I wasn't really surprised when she asked for a phone for her birthday (which, by the way, she is NOT getting). For me, I don't think they need a phone until they start joining after school clubs in 8th or 9th grade and need to contact me for a ride home. So I don't think 13 or 14 is unreasonable when it comes to being responsible enough to have a phone.

However, I do know children that are much younger that have phones already (some of them are even nicer than mine). And there's nothing wrong with that. Like I said, there is no right or wrong answer here. Getting a phone for your child is your decision and I am not here to tell you it's not. At the same time, I feel like getting a phone at such a young age takes up a little piece of their childhood and amounts to less time playing and getting exercise outside.

I didn't get my first cell phone until college, which I admit is unrealistic nowadays. Technology has changed so much in the last decade and it seems everyone (myself included) becomes attached and dependent upon technology. Why would I want to subject my girls to that already? They'd be playing games or Facetiming friends all day lon!.

In the end, it's a big responsibility for any child to have a phone and a big decision on the part of the parent to decide when that happens.

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