Have you noticed the new housing going up in Northeast Missouri lately?  There's a reason for that. A recent report provided by WGN in Chicago has opened a few eyes regarding the droves of people who are leaving the State of Illinois.  The declining population is a major concern for Illinois and the numbers don't lie. Illinois lost approximately 33,700 people in just one year according to U.S.Census Bureau data.

Illinois' loss of population has dropped the state to number 6 in the nation with Pennsylvania moving up to number 5 on the list. The list is headlined by California, Texas and New York with Florida the 4th most populous state.

Most of those people have left the state due to a variety of reasons from weather to career opportunities elsewhere, but the migration away from the Land of Lincoln is primarily due to the cost of living for the state.

The population for Illinois is 12.8 million which is the lowest it has been in a decade.  Here's a breakdown on Illinois and surrounding states according to the WGN report...

Illinois......Down 33,700

Missouri........Up 22,300

Iowa..............Up 14,800

Wisconsin.....Up 22,500

Indiana..........Up 32,800

Michigan.......Up 28,900

Kentucky.......Up 18,000

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