It does look like Quincy will be losing one more business. Payless has announced that they are closing all 2,300 stores within the new few months.

What does that mean for you? Well the liquidation sale has already started in both Payless locations in Quincy (the Quincy Mall & Shopko) with everything ten to thirty percent off. If also means that our shoe shopping options in Quincy are just a little more limited.

This is no surprise, really. The shoe chain announced last week that they would be filing for bankruptcy and that all store will close. And it's already starting in Quincy.

I am really sad about this one. With two growing children, buying shoes every few months can get pretty expensive. So I always go a majority of the girls' shoes at Payless to save as much as I can. I guess I'll need to find another place to buy discount footwear...or just hope that they don't grow as fast as they have been. Wishful thinking I guess.

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