If anyone ever tells you that college football is not all about big money, pass this story on to them and maybe they will change their mind. With so much on the line to put a competitive football team on the field each fall, colleges are taking steps to make sure they recruit the right people, especially at the quarterback position.

As the quarterback goes so goes the football team. No position is more important than the quarterback. It is for that reason the officials at Louisiana State University announced two years ago that they had received a verbal commitment from a quarterback in the 8th grade. That's right, the 8th grade.

L.S.U. is not alone when it comes to dipping below the high school ranks to search for potential players on the collegiate level in a few years. Am I surprised by this? Absolutely not. College football, like everything else, is driven by money and the eight graders of today are financial investments for colleges tomorrow.

I am still not convinced that 8th graders need to be making verbal commitments. While in the 8th grade, I too made a verbal commitment to play baseball for the New York Yankees. We all know where that went.

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