Amtrak has announced that they will be resuming most of the Midwest schedules, which includes the trains to and from Chicago.

Currently, there is only one train in service in the Quincy/Chicago route, according to the Chicago Tribune starting July 19 both the Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg lines will be back in full service. The Quincy/Chicago line has only had one train in service since the pandemic due to the small number of passengers. So, who's ready for a train ride?

This will make your Chicago visit's even better and less expensive, and you will not have to worry about traffic. I have not been on a trail since 2019, but I know a few people that have taken the train during the pandemic months and the felt safe, and was not uncomfortable in any way traveling on the train. As of right now, you will have to wear a mask while traveling on an Amtrak train, but that may change with the CDC masks recommendations and the state opening by June 11.

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I am so ready to get on a train for a day and travel to Chicago, it's one of my favorite cities to travel to. And know knowing that I can take a day trip because there will be two trains in service again, makes me extremely happy. My girls would love it to, so ready to get back to normal things again, like taking a train ride.

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