The acceptance of drugs and users of drugs in America is our country's biggest problem. Quite often lately I find myself watching the news of the day, both locally and nationally, and find myself shaking my head in disbelief on where things are going.

So lets just take the drug problem as an example. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana usage a few years ago. Despite seeing statistics from Colorado showing an increase in accidents involving people with marijuana in their system, the State of Illinois is contemplating doing likewise just so the state can collect more tax money on "weed" purchases. Oh, Illinois needs the money, but I would rather dodge potholes than "pot-heads" driving in the wrong lane in front of me any day.

Then I hear of this story. A new study found that more and more companies are dropping their zero tolerance drug tests because it's becoming impossible to find employees. Really? Not only do I risk myself getting to work, but now I have to work with people who are high or somewhat high? What's wrong with this picture?

Then while at work, I see a story that says Starbucks is installing needle-disposal receptacles in locations across America following OSHA penalties and worker concerns about drug use in bathrooms. Is it drug use from customers or employees or both?  Do I need to watch what I drink now too?  These three stories all came out in the last three weeks.

As I mentioned, my head was shaking when I saw or read these stories. Your head should be shaking too or am I the only one who thinks this way?


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