When I look in garages, more often than not I see family vehicles. One explorer looked inside an abandoned Midwestern garage and found a Lamborghini kit car and a stretch limo. Let's trade places.

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Decaying Midwest shared this short (but very sweet) video of what they found inside one of their explorations. Unfortunately, they did not give the location which is a shame because I'd really like to stop by and say hello.

Let's be clear that there's a big difference between a real Lamborghini and a kit car. However, I'd still gladly accept one if you're offering.

Let's not overlook that limo. With some detailing and fixing up, this could be a money maker. OK, so probably A LOT of fixing up, but still.

decayingmidwest via YouTube
decayingmidwest via YouTube

Urban explorations are all the rage these days and I have no doubt this vehicle find in the garage were part of a large investigation. The norm in these types of videos is to not share the location so as not to attract vandals. I support that idea normally, but I really could use a Lamborghini kit car. Seriously, I could do wonderful things with it. What about you?

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