The St. Louis Science Center wants dinosaur fans to be a part of a "dinosaur flash mob" June 1.

The flash mob is a part of the June First Friday: Jurassic World festivities during which they'll show Jurassic World at the OMNIMAX Theatre (the 2015 movie, not the upcoming Fallen World sequel which has not yet been released).

To celebrate, The Science Center is asking anyone with one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes to join them for a flash mob to kick off the night. The more inflatable dinosaur costumes the better. If you have never seen a flash mob, they're pretty awesome. I saw a small one during a recent shopping trip to St. Louis. Pretty amazing to see all of those people dancing all at once.

The Science Center will be showing movies throughout the summer on the first Friday of each month. Their upcoming movie schedule is as follows: July 6 Star Trek, August 3 Arthurian Legends, September 3 Harry Potter, October 5 The Goonies (the best movie of 1985). Activities are also planned for each night so you can enjoy a night out with the whole family!

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