So it is now week number 9 for people staying at home in the fight against Coronavirus. These days of self-confinement can affect people in different ways.For those living at home alone it can mean long boring days.  For those with families, it can mean long days of having too many family members under your feet at all times. For couples it could lead to more separations or divorces in the weeks ahead.

Basically, for some too much of anything, including being with the one you love, is not always good. Before heading to the divorce attorney, perhaps couples should participate in what is known as "sleep divorce".

A recent survey, commissioned by SleepStandards, shows that 35% of couples prefer separate beds.  Why would they feel that way? Well listed below are some reasons.

  • New research shows 59% of Americans agree that having a “sleep divorce” helps improve their relationship.
  • More than half of respondents say sleepless nights lead to more fights with their partner and less sex.
  • One in ten adults say their sleeping struggles have led them to consider an actual divorce or breakup entirely!

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