It's become one of the most famous (and notorious) abandoned developments in America. What remains of Missouri's abandoned Indian Ridge Resort homes near Branson now? A new walkthrough provides a look inside homes which look to have been increasingly vandalized.

As we've previously shared, the Indian Ridge Resort homes near Branson were a vision never fully realized. Literally millions have watched explorers investigate them on TIkTok and other social media sites for the past couple years. This urbex investigation happened just a couple weeks ago.

NOTE: lots of NSFW language and now graffiti in this video. Sensitive eyes should not watch this.

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The vandalism is now officially out of control which makes reports that there might be a new attempt to make this development into something now seem questionable.

As Branson News shared, there were fines and sentences made against the developers of this failed home project back in 2017 involving conspiracy and money laundering.

This is one of the TikTok videos that made the area famous.

Despite a Missouri sheriff's warning that trespassers to Indian Ridge would be arrested and fined, they just keep showing up. If something isn't done soon, there will be nothing left of what little remains at Indian Ridge Resort.

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