Muddy River Soap Company will be opening their doors soon (and I can't wait!)

According to their Facebook page, the space at 108 N. 6th Street will soon be home to the Muddy River Soap Company and they'll specialize in several different kinds of homemade soap. They have been posting clues for the last couple of months, and finally made the official announcement earlier this month.

As of now, there is no official opening date, but it looks like it could be soon. The new business is among the many that have revitalized downtown Quincy in recent years including The Yum Factory, For Him & Her, Potter & Vaughn and more.

I am a HUGE supporter of shopping local and helping Historic Quincy in its efforts to make downtown booming once again. If you get a chance on a Saturday, take time and just walk around downtown Quincy. There is a shop for everyone from divas to bakeries. There is no way you can go shopping and not buy anything.

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