As a mom of two, I am constantly monitoring what my kids are watching on the Internet (as I'm sure is the case for most parents). So when I head about this new, potentially dangerous app, I knew I needed to share it.

According to WGN, the app is called and it allows users to make create, and share short videos (kinda like Snapchat). However, unlike Snapchat, ANYONE can see these videos and users can exchange messages and videos of their own. A father in Illinois posted this warning on his Facebook a few weeks ago.

I hated having the stranger danger talk with my girls; not because it wasn't important by any means. Just because it killed me to see a little of their childhood innocence go away due to bad people in the world. Check your kids' phones, iPads, computers and make sure this app is no where to be found. You never know who'll be on the other end of these conversations.

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