This Saturday every dog at the Quincy Humane Society will be receiving a “Freedom” burger from McDonald's thanks to a local woman and a man named Jeff Nix. Nix, from the state of Kansas, died doing what he loved: rescuing dogs. Nix died in a car accident as he was driving home just after delivering a puppy to its new home. Nix’s family said he died doing what he loved to do.

Nix would drive all over the United States rescuing, re-homing, and treating dogs in need. He was a well-known animal care advocate. Every time he would rescue a dog, he would take it through a McDonald's drive-through for, what he called, a “Freedom Burger.”

In honor of Nix, Stephanie Birky and her children will personally purchase a “freedom” burger this Saturday at 11:30 am for every dog at the Humane Society’s shelter. Each dog will have their “Freedom” burger hand- delivered which will make all of the dogs extremely happy.

The Quincy Humane Society is a privately funded, “No-Kill” facility and depends on generous donors like Stephanie Birky and her family, committed board members, staff and volunteers.

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