Sailing the seas on a cruise ship sure is changing. Years ago you sailed the ocean blue, enjoying the view of the seas, had a wonderful dinner and some drinks and danced the night away before retiring to you cabin. Today, those same cruise ship companies are “modernizing” their vessel to include all kinds of attractions.

Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, known for their modern mega-ships, are featuring some rousing attractions that are not for the faint of heart.

Today’s new cruise ships sail the high seas with a roller coaster and go-kart tracks, as well as a slide some 10 stories high right there in the middle of the ocean.

Carnival's upcoming 5,200-passenger Mardi Gras ship will debut in August of 2020 from Port Canaveral, Florida. It is the Ultimate Sea Roller Coaster with speeds of up to 40 miles per hour on a top-deck, open-air track that whizzes around for nearly 800 feet of twists and turns. That will also include a hairpin turn at nearly 190 feet above sea level.

Are you ready for this?

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