Prom season is here and if you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to your pictures, we I have some ideas for you.

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It's been a hop, jump and a skip for me for prom, oh the memories. And since there were no proms last year due to the pandemic, many juniors and seniors are looking forward to this year’s prom, some have already taken place. However, if you’re looking for that perfect background to take pictures with your dates, family, and friends there are a few places in the area that you might want to check out.

These are all totally for the gram (is that how the kids say it these days) and will give you the perfect promo selfie. The pictures sometimes are more important than the prom itself. Yes, there are fun backdrops at the prom, but nothing like these places we have right here in the Tri-States. So, after you get all dolled-up head to these seven places to get the perfect prom picture.

If you take any pictures at these locations (or others around the Tri-States) send them into us, we would love to see them. Maybe we will even share ours. Maybe.

Sites for Prom Pictures

Garth Woodside Mansion

Garth Woodside Mansion is rated by Trip Advisor as one of the best B & B's in Missouri. 

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