Need lots of space for when family comes to town? Try these two victorian houses for sale in Missouri for the price of one.

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Nothing like buying a house and getting another house close by. That's the case with these two beautiful Victorian-Style houses in Carthage, Missouri. These twin mansions sit right next to each other and not only look amazing, but come with a ton of history. Known as the Carter's Bluff/John A Carter House has been restored to bring the nomes back to what they used to be.

Stained glass throughout both homes, amazing fireplaces, and woodwork throughout will take you back to when these homes were fits built, and shined bright. 12-foot ceilings and a crystal chandelier are just some of the upscale features you will see throughout both homes. My mom always said she wanted to live with us, this could be the answer for more space.

The problem, you have to buy all the fancy furniture. You know the kind that you just buy to decorate with and never really sit on. You know, the fancy kind, just think of all that fancy furniture you will have to buy. Either way, both houses are simply grand in their own way and the new owner of these twin mansions I feel is getting a steal.

LOOK INSIDE: $3.1 Million Twin Mansions For Sale


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