When it comes to dining out the Tri-States already has some great options, but we could use a few more.

When you drive up and down Broadway in Quincy and on Highway 61 in Hannibal, there are so many empty spaces for a lot of new restaurants to come. It's nice to go to St. Louis and have these options, but man would it be nice to not drive 2 1/2 hours just to eat at Olive Garden or Red Robin.

So, we asked, "What Restaurants Would You Like to Come to The Tri-State?" There were a lot of Olive Garden and Reb Lobsters, also Chilis, but there were some on this list that I've never heard of like Zaxby's and Wing Stop. I would like to see some new eateries to come to the Tri-States' it's always nice to have a few more options when dining out with the family or date night.

Here's what you would like to see come to the Tri-States!

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