I've driven by this buildings hundreds of times in my life, but have never seen the inside of it...until now. I've collected 16 pics of the historic building on Broadway in Hannibal that was built in 1885.

This is 201 Broadway in Hannibal. I found this listed on Trulia with dozens of pictures showing what a building built in 1885 looks like. According to the details shown, it's one of the few buildings in downtown Hannibal that has views of the Mississippi River and the lighthouse. It's a 3-floor building with 1 floor available for retail and 2 floors for apartments.

If seeing is believing, it's time to believe and check out 16 pics of what it looks like on the inside.

16 Pics of Historic Hannibal Building at 2nd and Broadway

This building was raised during the late 1800's era of riverboats. If the walls could talk, you'd find a fascinating history of businesses and people that have occupied this space for nearly a century and a half.

It appears the building is available if you have some spare coins. You'd need several bags as the current asking price is a cool $1.1 million according to Trulia. If my family didn't have so many children to entertain, I'd love to have a loft in the building that has a view of the lighthouse and river. In my younger days, this would have been quite a place to land.

If you'd like to check out around 86 pics in total, you can see the full listing on Trulia and see if this Hannibal history is something you could do something with.

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