I took a weird phone call this morning and it was quite interesting. While on the air, the phone at Y101 was ringing and ringing. I finally got to answer it and said the usual opening line when answering a phone call, "Hello". I said it again and then a third time and still got not reply but I didn't hang up.

Low and behold there were these two people yapping at each other in what sounded like a car. Their conversation was getting more and more intense and before I knew it, there was a full-fledged argument going on and I was the lone listener.

As I listened, it became apparent to me that I was the recipient of what they now describe as a "Butt Call". It must be my lucky day! I wondered just how many of these calls are made every day unbeknownst to the owner of the rump that is sitting on the phone.

It was also ironic that I got that call this morning because I was recently reading an article about "Butt Calls" in New York City. Some 40% of the calls coming into the 911 center in New York City in 2010 were reported to be what they called "Butt Calls". 40% seems to be very high, but who am I to dispute the person who did the research on this topic.

At one point in listening this morning to the call I received, I thought I might have to call the 911 Center myself (using my fingers of course) but all of a sudden the call ended. I am not sure who won the argument, but I bet their battery needed some charging. Perhaps that's why the call ended. Be careful how you sit you never know who might be listening.

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