I love history and I love looking at homes. If you're like me, you're gonna be fascinated with a Palmyra, Missouri home that I found that was once a Civil War headquarters.

The physical address of this home is 123 W Olive Street in Palmyra. I found it during my daily browsing on Realtor.com and also the official realtor website. The listing includes some neat historic details about what this home used to be:

Check out this historic home located downtown Palmyra. This 2 story brick home features 10' ceilings, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, large kitchen, dining area, large laundry room, living room with a gas fireplace on the first floor. Walk in the front door and see the beautiful staircase leading to a landing (could be used for an office area) and a large bedroom with a full bathroom. This home was a Civil War Headquarters of Provost Marshall, Colonel Wm. Strachen during Palmyra Massacre.

Check out the pics that were shared of the home.

This Palmyra Home was a Civil War Headquarters

Wikipedia explains the history of the Palmyra Massacre and the colonel's involvement in it.

The Palmyra massacre is an incident that took place in Palmyra, Missouri on October 18, 1862, during the American Civil War, when ten Confederate prisoners of war were executed in reprisal for the abduction of a local Union supporter, Andrew Alsman

The home as it stands today appears to have modern conveniences like an automatic garage door opener and updated kitchen. If they had automatic garage door openers during the Civil War, that would explain why I got such a bad grade in history when I was in school.

Check out the full listing on the realtor's website for more pics and details about this historic Palmyra home.

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