October is Senior Pet's Wellness Month. at .  According to Dr. Robert Reich of Animal Medical Clinics of Quincy, a cat or a dog is considered to be a senior pet at the age or 7 and with it comes the need for its owners to understand that the pet's medical needs will need to be changed to "senior status".

Regular wellness screenings for senior pets can mean adding years to the pet's life. According to Dr.Reich most people don't realize that a once a year vet check for their pet is the equivalent of a person seeing his or her doctor once every seven years and a lot can happen to your pet in that time.

During Senior Pet Wellness Month (or the rest of October), pet owners might want to schedule a complete physical examination for their pet including a weight check, blood work screening, arthritis screening, check for lumps and bumps, coat and skin check, vision and dental checks.

Your pet will be happy you did!

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