We’ve been driven to be more connected to you guys, our listeners, through our web presence. But we felt there was one way weren’t connected to you, and that was a dedicated texting line. As that is a more preferred line of communication for most of us in this day and age, we’ve established one of our lines a text line. It’s now easier to send us your requests. To enter into contests. To be connected to the Y101 personalities and studios you take with you on your radio, and on your phone with the Radio Pup app. Just start texting us at 217-223-9028, and we’re just a text away. We may ask for your name, but that’s only so we know who we’re talking to. All that info stays entirely with us, we will not sell it to anyone. We just want to be more connected to you, our wonderful listeners.

Just remember: Don’t text and drive.

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