Dog owners, if you want to have some fun, try this on for size. Sit next to your dog and yawn in front of him her. Now, it is no secret that when a human yawns, usually people around that person will yawn too. Well, believe it or not, your dog just might yawn as well. I am not surprised at this considering I once had a dog that really believed he was human. I think if he had walked in front of a mirror he would have gone into shock to realize he was actually a dog. So for me to read about this didn't surprise me.

So I challenge you dog owners today to yawn in front of your dog and see what he or she does and let me know if it works.  It should be interesting to see the results.

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The dictionary describes a yawn as "an open wide mouth and inhaling of breath as an involuntary reaction to fatigue or boredom". I guess that is correct. I don't ever recall telling myself to yawn. It just happens.

But, why does it happen to other people around you after they witness it? My guess is that the brain says "man, you need to do that" and so it goes. Some yawns are short and others are incredibly long. Such was my most recent yawn which occurred as I was writing this boring piece of wisdom.

I'd like to think that I have something better to write today, but I don't.  I guess I can blame it on my own lack of oxygen. Perhaps I need another big yawn.

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