It is no secret that the State of Illinois is in financial trouble. It seems everyone is aware of that.  What we are not aware of, other than taxing Illinoisans to death, is how are we going to get out of this financial mess we are in?  There are a million options that lawmakers have and will be looking at and most lean toward higher taxes. Here is one more option (if not already being considered). Rather than raising taxes, why not make the interstate system a revenue maker utilizing toll booths? Frankly, I am not sure a state can set up a toll system on a Federal highway. For the sake of argument lets say they can.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape not wanting to pay to travel on Illinois' interstate highway system, think of how often you drive on those highways compared to other roadways. I propose the idea, which I am sure has been discussed in the past, in lieu of paying a higher gas tax or mileage tax that is currently being discussed.

Lets face it, to travel east or west in our large country there is a good chance you will need to go through some of the 435 miles (north to south) in Illinois. That is a large area with a large volume of traffic. You would have to wonder just how much revenue could be acquired by a toll system especially on I-70 and I-55.

What do you think?

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